"Top performing individuals need sounding boards with whom they can discuss matters freely. They need mirrors to tell them when they are not the fairest of them all. They need consciences to help them separate their personal ambitions from the goals of the teams and organisations that they lead"

In today’s face-paced business world, the distinction is often made between those executives who get wiser with experience and those who simply get older.

At Red Pill, we offer a unique blend of deep commercial experience supplemented with behavioural science expertise to help our clients attain knowledge and wisdom.

Moreover, our goal is to help clients apply that knowledge and wisdom to achieve performance outcomes.


History tells us that few individuals ever reach their full potential in life. A little self-doubt, an inflexible leadership style, an erroneous assumption or fear of failure are all it takes to impede optimal performance.


Timothy Gallwey, considered by many to be the father of modern-day coaching believes Performance = Potential – Interference. The primary focus at Red Pill is raising performance. Our objective is to help individuals, teams or organisations optimise performance in the shortest time possible. We do this by helping you raise self-awareness, identify sources of interference and helping you take responsibility for dealing with them.

Evidence-based methodology

Informed by contemporary evidence-based psychological research including theories of adult development, our coaching practice offers new insights into human sense-making; we listen differently to what our clients say and ask different questions about the way they understand the world.

We’re highly effective at raising your / your team’s / your organisation’s / your board’s awareness and encouraging you / your team / your organisation / your board to take responsibility for performance.


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